Hello dear individual or bot, visiting my website. I am just starting to create this website. It might take a few more months for it to be considered "finished". Until that happens, please enjoy the content I put on here with my own hands.

$ whoami

Hi, my name is Rico. I am from Germany and I got a bachelor's degree in information technology. I am working in IT-Security for an IT service provider for banks. Apart from that I am very interested in malware research, infosec, vulnerabilities and exploits, bug bounty, CTFs and everything related to that.

$ ls Projects

I created some fun, open-source projects, which I would love to share with the world. I also recently started a blog at blog.rico-j.de. There I publish various stuff such as writeups of malware analysis, coding adventures, tools and software I use or find useful and a lot more. It's just getting started, so don't have too high expectations yet.


This is probably my "best" (in terms of code quality and architecture of the code) project so far. It's a python tool for scraping public pastes from pastebin. Although you can scrape and store every single post. But that alone would be pretty boring. So I added functionality to search the pastes e.g. via regex to check if the content contains certain patterns and execute certain actions when matched!


When Telegram released their bot platform I was very hyped to create my own bot. That was around the same time when I started learning Python. So I thought it might be a good idea to learn Python with that project. I created the @BlackJackBot on Telegram in Python on March 23rd 2016.


A while after I created the BlackJackBot, I found myself in the need for a bot for the German price comparing website Geizhals. The bot should notify you when the price for a selected product changes. And that's exactly what it does!


There are a lot of 433 MHz controlled remote devices - many even used for smart home stuff. I started doing smart home stuff in late 2017/early 2018. In the beginning I bought some remote controlled power outlets to control my lights, which use the 433 MHz band. I wanted to control these outlets via my phone, so I bought a bridge device, which enabled me to control them via ethernet. Then I wanted to use python to do some automation. I ended up with writing a small library called pyBrematic. The name comes from the name of those devices "Brematic" by "Brennenstuhl".

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If you want to contact me, that's actually pretty simple. You can find me either on Twitter (0Rickyy0) or on Telegram (@d_Rickyy_b). You can also find me on GitHub (d-Rickyy-b) or on Discord (_Rickyy_#5975).